Jenna Moonlight Dating Sim II: Red Moon Destiny

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You are Jenna Moonlight, trapped in a Spa Resort after seeing your lover Mobley die in your hands. In fifty days, the Red Moon will rise. The Blood Pond is Back, in the form of a monster. Can you destroy it in fifty days? Or will you choose to join it? Jenna can be good or bad in this game. She can drink blood, fight, and make friends. Lovers too. You decide for her! The walkthrough is located at HERE. Please send me an email, note or forum or chat box message if you find any glitches or if anything can be changed for a better experience. In this unique game, you can even CHAT with jenna's shadow!

Vampire game, Jenna Moonlight Dating Sim TWO copyrighted All rights reserved with the names, storyline, characters, designs, and gameplay. The music is by Kevin Mcleod from INCOMPETECH.COM. The other graphics (backgrounds etc, are found at Deviantart under free stock and resources.