Jenna Moonlight Dating Sim II Walkthrough


There are NINE different endings you can get. Three BLOOD POND Endings. And 2 endings for each of the other three characters. Kiori does not have an ending. You can't date her either. You can bite her until she hates your guts.

The Cheat code is the first name of the female best friend of MINA LIN (read MAID FOR ME at HERE to find out.

But for those who do not wish to cheat, the game really is very straight forward and less frustrating than my last games!

Start by sleeping a few nights to gain HP. Then buy one of each item if you can, but not the expensive items. The spellbook is good. Save up for the DAGGER because you will need it to fight the flying bird and the other monsters. The monsters drop items you can't buy in the shop (shop is by clicking Kiori, the black hair girl in the main screen.)

For the POND: He likes Black roses and Jars of Sins-- dropped by the bird monster. Each monsters requires 5 HP to kill. Killing is simply by clicking on the moving monster. The Pond-- You can Kill him if you wish, but that will require 10 strength points, 10 blood lust points, and the spell called Vampric Super Strength cast. You can talk to the Pond until you get 550 exp or more, give him the gifts, at least one of each, and then cast the spell called Light to get his best ending when the fifty days end. Otherwise, you will get the Bad ending, or the kill ending if you want to kill him.

For Cross:Ah, Cross, the broke Vampire. Isn't he a cutie? I based him off of Spike from Buffy. What you need for him and all the other characters, is 550 exp, by talking. Then date him. To get the Best ending, you have to kiss him, need 550 exp, need to give him all his favorite items at least once, need to cast a spell pertinent to him. He will give you clues what he needs. He by the way hates Logan. Remember Logan?

To talk to him, first buy a blood vial and give it to him. You will need to give him another blood vial in the main menu and all his other gifts. The gifts on the date only count towards a kiss.

For Tristan and his one arm: I like guys with one arm... I don't know why. Same diddy as with Cross, just cast a spell pertinent to his request, he will give you clues in his chat. I didn't make in-between endings because I got lazy, sorry! To talk to him, buy bandgaes-- the poor guy is bleeding, give him bandages!

For Nevaeh the snake spirit who has a name that is backwards for Heaven (love that name by the way) Much prettier of a backward words than ones like Cigam or whatnot. Anyway, same diddy for Nev, just cast the spell that would help her the most by the time the Red Moon rises.

During the dates, I advise you to come equip with a camera, and lots of the gifts the characters like. Either gift is fine. The front menu with the dress up items-- does it matter which you pick? If you pick the right one, the character satisfaction starts with a 1. You will see what outfit each character likes the most when you take a picture with him/her. To talk to her, buy matches-- she likes them.

In Jenna's Room: You can chat to Jenna's Shadow-- it's a ChatBOT hehe. You will find the stats and items, along with sleeping, and casting the spells. Turn the music off or on with the music buttons.

And finally, there is a super cheat code that I use personally because I'm a cheater haha. It's hard for me to beat my own game! HA! It's the title of a song by a blond Popstar. Can you guess what it is? Happy gaming!